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Short Notes for December 29, 2015

Tracking social media posts all the way to the bank.


  • Custom URL builder
  • Custom reports in analytics
  • Conversion value and tracking to results page
  • Important to follow the link all the way through the tunnel
    • Which post did they click?
    • What keyword did they search?
    • Was it organic or paid?

On Locking Your Credit

Lock Your Own Credit FreezeWe constantly hear about data breaches that expose personally identifiable information (PII) on millions of us. Now it’s 191 million (that’s MOST of us) registered voters. Some months ago I posted a “How To Lock Your Own Credit” without paying a third party (or trusting yet another organization with your valuable data) a monthly fee. In fact in my own state it costs less than $20. Fee to lock and unlock vary by state but here’s the simple process: How To Lock Your Own Credit (Freeze Your Credit) on

December 22, 2015 – Facebook Marketing – Guest: Christina Etheridge

Social Media Edge December 22, 2015


DARK POSTS on Facebook with Guest CHRISTINA ETHERIDGE on Facebook Leads And Leverage

Or listen here

Christina is an online lead generating guru. Everything she teaches is tried and true, created and implemented over the past two decades in her own businesses. With her vast experience in real estate marketing, her love of Facebook and her experience leading a successful real estate team, she’s out to fill the void created when agents realize the urgent need to constantly and consistently generate leads online yet find they don’t have the time or knowledge to get the highest return. She founded in order to bridge the gap between social media and reality by helping real estate agents get the conversation started.

Join Ken & Mike for this discussion on how to get better results from your Facebook page activity. Since Pay-To-Play has begun dominating social are there any work-arounds for tiny budgets that bring big results? There just may be and in this episode that’s the topic.

Hopeful topics include:

  • DARK POSTS – Facebook with Mike Mueller Guest CHRISTINA ETHERIDGE on Facebook Leads And Leverage
  • How much should a small business spend on online advertising?
  • Why it’s more important than ever to have your own website with a robust email list.
  • GOOGLE JUICE – from social channels (which ones are best)

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