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What Not To Tweet, Getting Hacked, Igloo Stay

Show Notes
January 26, 2016

“I can’t believe you posted that!”


Mike’s friend Tomm

Andie MacDowell@AndieMacDowell3  Jan 24

Lessons learned never,complain on Twitter & don’t pay for first class on American Airlines, only express gratitude…can we move on now

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Judge Tosses Out Criminal Case In Canada Over Twitter Fight

10:11 AM – 25 Jan 2016

And just for fun if needed “Rent This Igloo In Brooklyn through AirBnB for only $200 per night”

January 19, 2016: Jeff Belonger of MyPhillyAlive


We have known Jeff, through social media, since around 2007 or so. His continued presence, growth, and excitement in the industry makes him the perfect “People’s Guest”. Jeff has earned his stripes by doing. He’s not a guru, he’s a doer. Today we hope to learn what drives him and how he has accomplished a major shift in careers and grabbed success even in a challenging economy.


Jeff Belonger, founder of

Jeff in Jeff’s words:

After spending 19 years in the mortgage business I had lost my passion and felt a need for a change, leaving in 2010. In my last 4 years of the mortgage business I created my social media profiles on various social media platforms. I used them to connect with others while getting the proper information out there to the public. I started this in 2006 and because of it I was able to increase my income during the 2008 mortgage crisis; while many others weren’t doing as well.

I took the same philosophy I had when doing mortgages and that was to stay on top of the changes while getting the correct information out there. I pride myself in learning the specifics in what can help the average business and not just repeat what others do just because it looks good.  Understanding the mechanics of each social media platform is extremely important.

Since 2011 I have been managing small business social media plans for my customers, and at times speaking about the many uses of social media. I also started a company called MyPhillyAlive, a blog site that talks about the many things to do in Philadelphia.

Digital Housekeeping – Website and Social Marketing Chores; Show Notes January 12, 2016

Wow! @MikeMueller rocks! This is @theKenCook writing and I am grateful and appreciative of Mike for single-handedly putting together the notes, thoughts, and patterns for this weeks show. Hats off to you sir.

digital-housekeepingJanuary 12, 2016

Digital Housekeeping

Things to do on your website and online presence.


Change your password
Backup your website. backup the whole thing, not just the content. Do something safe with the file. (I send them to an S3 folder)
Update your bio, about us page.
Forms. Check your forms, test that they all work, where does the info go? What about a thank you page?
Mobile – does your site work on mobile? Tablet?
Google – is it listed?
Webmaster tools – sitemaps, crawl errors? robots.txt file?
Analytics – is it working?
Malware blacklisted – Sucuri Site Check,

Social Media Profiles:

Change your password
Update your profile picture.
Cover image or background image
Check the links in the profile to other sites – do they all work? Make sure, if you have the link wrong it will take you to your profile and you’ll think that worked.
Update the short bio.
check the connected apps – do you need them all? remove any you absolutely do not need.


Change your password
Review access – apps and shared folders

Image created based on ClipArtPanda file.

Squeeze Pages for Lead Generation – January 5, 2016

squeeze pages

Show Notes

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January 5, 2016

Squeeze Pages – what, why, where, when, and how
WikiPedia – “In the field of direct marketing, the subscriber list is considered the most important part of a mailing campaign. Marketers devote a great deal of time and money to collecting a ‘list’ of highly targeted subscribers as a result.”
“A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks”
WP Plugin for creating squeeze pages (has a learning curve but is very powerful)
Important Features (must haves) – Analytics (Google, Bing, other), data storage, auto-responder or connection to CRM (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc)
Things to avoid – automatically making noise (up for debate), non-responsive design, Flash, links to other sites/pages, pop-ups (the idea is to have a linear flow with only one option: convert).
Increased bounce rate expected – because there are no outbound links the bounce rate on squeeze pages is insanely high. What matters with squeeze pages is conversions, nothing else. Time on site doesn’t matter either.
Upcoming Guests

Leigh Thomas Brown – Outrageous Authenticity
Rebekah Radice (tentative – needs to pre-record session)
January 19 Jeff Belonger – (confirmed)
Bill Risser

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