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Show Notes April 26, 2016 – Using Social Media To Search and Data Mine

April 26, 2019

I don’t want to point this out but the first 4 months of 2016 are already gone. – talk about it (leads to on laptop or PC)

Facebook has a great page about using their search function

Why does my site load so slowly? – if you don’t know what you’re looking it just call a professional.

Mike: Jetpack has a module called “Monitor” that will email you when your site is down (and back up)

Stay up on your name, your brand, whatever – as people search for it

Mike: ProTip – Spell your name wrong and set an alert for that too.

Manage your own email list with autoresponders and drip system

News feed aggregator – – free, nothing to download, accessible anywhere I can get online.  

Mike uses and loves it.

“Mind mapping” is something I use to plan the flow of a website or an event – use your imagination

How To Secure WordPress (and recover from a hack)

Show Notes

April 19, 2016

Securing WordPress – and recovering from an attack

(Mike will be calling in from the car for the show)

Securing WordPress

  • Backup your entire site on a regular basis. Don’t forget. Also it’s good to put that file somewhere other than your server.  I store mine over on Amazon S3
  • Update, update, update.  Plugins, Themes, and the core.  The safest version is generally the newest version.
  • Speaking of that, hide your Version. Make sure you are not broadcasting the version of WP that you are using.
  • Always use secure and different passwords.
  • Use a secure username (not admin)
  • Display your name as something other than your login name.
  • Don’t use wp for your database username
  • Limit login attempts
  • Use security plugins (like sucuri, wordfence)

Recovering from…

Malware or Hacking


  • What was the last thing you were doing?  Messing with a plugin? Messing with theme files?


  • If it was editing, adding or deactivating a plugin… start by Deactivate all your plugins. If you can’t get to the plugins in your dashboard, go in via FTP.
  • Go to wp-content and find the plugin folder and rename it.
  • Did that fix it? Now start by adding back your plugins one by one.

Theme Files

  • Were you messing with the functions.php?  Usually via FTP upload a good version of the functions.php file (or whatever file you were last in.)
  • Did that work? Now always use a child theme and modify that instead of the parent.

Other stuff

  • Sometimes you don’t know what messed up – but something certainly did.
  • When this happens start with the plugins. Rename the plugins folder via FTP – if that fixes it, it’s a plugin.
  • If that doesn’t fix it – do the same with your themes folder – did that fix it? If it did, your problem was a theme. Like the plugins, start by adding them back one at a time.
  • “Error establishing a database connection”? It’s probably a bad wp-config file
  • If you still have a problem – try reinstalling WordPress.  If it’s a core file issue, sometimes this will work.
  • Check your .htaccess file. Using FTP, rename it. Did that fix it? If it did, by resaving your Permalinks, you’ll generate a new version of the file for your site.
  • It also should be mentioned – is it just a server issue? Is you host down? Is the WSOD cached? It might not be you at all.

Plan B

B is for Backup.  Simply restore a backup. That’s why you had the entire site regularly backed up and stored somewhere in the first place – right?  If you did, you could be just a click away from back to normal.


Remove WordPress version information by adding these lines to your themes functions.php file (Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php

function smedge_remove_version() {
 return '';
 add_filter('the_generator', 'smedge_remove_version');

WordPress for beginners

Join us for this 30 minutes lead by Mike Mueller for those who don’t know or only know a little about WordPress. We’ll be discussing:

  • Why WordPress?
  • vs
  • Hosting – shared, dedicated, vps
  • Pages vs Posts
  • Categories vs Tags
  • Comments vs Spam
  • Plugins
  • Security, Patches and Updates
  • SEO
  • Custom Post Types


Who else is on WP?


Mike Mueller is at and has customized hundreds of WordPress sites for clients from across many different industries. He provides all the services you need to get online and get going. He is also an active part of the WordPress community.

Ken Cook is at and is a WordPress programmer developing custom themes, plugins, widgets, and other programmatic functions for over a decade for WordPress users and is a regular contributor to the WP community.