The Best Time To Post To Social Media Is…

You know I must have heard at least 200 theories about timing and social media (just FYI I include blogging in “social media” if you’re doing it right). All of those theories presented on “reputable web sites” or at some sort of live tech extravaganza…often by people who know far less about social marketing than you. Google it for yourself and see the answers. They are, of course, “all over the place”. One trusted source says the weekends are the best time. Yet another assures us that posting early on Tuesday is far and away the best time. Both are wrong, and both are correct. As you now should know there is no secret One Size Fits All to social metrics. It is up to you to either do or hire a little intelligence gathering.


Opinions Are Plentiful

While there are many opinions about the best time to post to social media, there is only one you or your business. The clientele you serve may have different schedules and habits than those of the guru you are consulting. Some years ago I had a client who owned a tattoo shop. They had high engagement near and just after midnight through the weekdays and barely any on the weekends. Contrast that with the average real estate or mortgage client and it’s almost opposite: high engagement between noon and 5PM (local times) and almost triple on the weekends in some cases.


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One Way, Or Another

Like with anything there are as many ways to do something as there are people. I hope you will chime in with your recommendations and options so we can all see. One of the tools I have used and liked for gauging Twitter times is called Tweriod. It presents a simple to understand graph of when most of the followers of a specific account are on Twitter and when they are engaging. It also gives a report of the lifetime of the account for when the most engagement has occurred. These can be valuable statistics to anyone looking to use Twitter as a network building or information dissemination outlet. Below is a sample of @thekencook from just this morning:

tweriod report best times to tweet

From @thekencook it’s pretty simple to see the highest activity times.

Theory or Data Supported Facts?

Data, and make mine a double, please! If you’ve ever listened to me or read anything I have written about what you “must” or “must not” do tells you to find and look at the data. I have always said if you do not know how I will teach you, or you can find someone else to teach you. But, nothing beats data supported facts for one of your most important marketing channels there is: social media.

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