How To Build Your Email List

Adding subscribers to your email list isn’t always the easiest thing to do!

FREE – yup. Free stuff. Works every time. Even a chance for free stuff. I built a mailing list two years ago from 0 to 200 in one week offering a chance at some free kitchen items (and not very expensive ones).

The biggest mailing list I ever built had tens of thousands of people on it – I was giving away a free eBook. Yes, eBook. Also known as a PDF.

Add your mailing list sign up link everywhere – and an action button on Facebook.

I use MailChimp for many reasons.

Mike: modify your mailchimp forms to match your personality – why use the generic form?

Add a form to your website – maybe even in a pop-up (let’s discuss those numbers!)

Mike: I use one from Appsumo that is ‘smart’ yet I not smart enough. 😉

Mike: If you are writing different content topics – consider offering up a newsletter for each of those topics separately. Giving your reader what they want is the important part.

FB Ads: Run an ad campaign

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