Ken Cook – Content Creator

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Ken Cook, founder of SMEDGE. Likes to jump out of really good airplanes. Loves 1 liners.

I write articles for your website. I do my best to make sure they increase your meaningful engagements with your visitors. Things like…sales.

Yep. That’s me! I have been a developer and content creator since long before some of you were alive. Most of my work has been done under someone else’s name and that is completely fine with me. I develop websites for “website developers”. I code WordPress plugins and hacks for “WordPress experts”. Mostly I just love creating content for “content creators”. I placed all of those in quotation marks because they are called Project Managers. But, I work for folks just like myself, too!

Primarily I write articles–thousands of them every year. I also create graphics, audio, and video content with a specific purpose in mind: to convert your visitors into customers.

Content creation is part art and part science. Without the science it just doesn’t work as well. Without the art it’s not entertaining or enjoyable.

I do all the writing and coding myself. Every piece of content is checked for SEO value as well as making sure it does the best job it can to encourage further action from your readers.

In 2012 I was named as a Reuter’s Top Ten Small Business Expert on Twitter.

I have written for Zillow, BankRate, Social Media Today, and literally hundreds of other sites.

I began creating content for digital distribution in 1988 for AOL. Later I also created for Prodigy and Compuserve as well as Access Atlanta.

In 1995 I created a search engine, CEx, which became popular enough to be purchased…and moth-balled!

In 1996 I created a replicating eCommerce center for Swiss Artext/ICHA which became the online catalog engine for dozens of well known global and national corporations.

In 1998 I founded ME, a self-managed web hosting system which was in the same vein as Geocities (if you remember them)!

But there is no job too small! I love working with small businesses. After all I have been a small business most of my life.

Call me or text me at 678-439-8683 and let’s get some working, powerful content created for YOU!