Memes, photos in social media posts? Do they actually work?

photo of green grass and plowed field

Does using images in social media posts really make any difference?

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How about memes, photos in social media posts?
Do they actually work? says photos have the lowest organic reach says photo posts are by far the most shared.

Be right back, I need something powerful with which to scratch my head….

Okay so DATA on this is kind of funky. It’s easy to measure how many posts have images vs those which do not. It is almost impossible to find hard supportive data that any resulting actions are meaningful. This takes us back to the value of a LIKE or SHARE. Data does seem to demonstrate that posts with images are shared and liked more frequently.

“Another great example is a business owned by Caz and Craig Makepeace called yTravel Blog. It’s one of the biggest travel blogs in the world. They have 4.35 million followers on Pinterest. They have seen a 3- to 5-fold increase in traffic from Facebook to their blog, just from posting images with the overlay of a tip or a quote.”

When researching I found a lot of data talking about the success of social media sites that use graphics like Pinterest and Instagram but the data on how that converts to dollars is inconspicuous at best.

Speaking of images – Instagram was going to roll out a similar algorithm for its timeline. People don’t want that. A lot.

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