“Outrageous Authenticity” Author Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown's intelligence and wit come together in perfect form.

Leigh Brown’s intelligence and wit come together in perfect form.


Among other accomplishments Leigh has published another “must read” book. Authenticity is much more than a buzz word for her; She lives life wide open and opened wide for everyone to see.

Grab your Kindle or print copy here -> http://amzn.to/1SF7jKx

“The No BS Realtor in Greater Charlotte NC. International speaker who uses real estate for comedic material and hyper-effective sales training.”

I (Ken) have known Leigh since 2008 both online and on rare, but treasured, occasion in sharing geographical space. We’re a little too much alike. She’s outspoken, fearless, focused, and prone to hilarity. And re-reading that it sounds as if I paid myself a huge compliment! The good thing about Leigh is you know she’s going to say something worth hearing. The exciting thing is you don’t know if it’s going to be dead-pan serious or comedic…I’m sure the listener will gather that during her time with us on the show!

This from REALTORmag.com fits just perfectly, “She is also a longtime speaker on real estate issues. Before she started working in real estate, her sales career included liquor, stocks, and chain saws.” Yep, chain saws and liquor.

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