• Show Notes: YouTube

    Everything YouTube for the small business owner. Here’s how to capitalize on the network that has ore than 1 billion unique users visits each month!

    Show Notes: YouTube
  • Something wicked this way comes…

    I’m using “wicked” in the bostonian sense not the Steven King sense. What is it? If you are on the newsletter list you’ll know before anyone else does.

    Something wicked this way comes…
  • It Happens! And … We’re Back

    Sometimes change stinks. Other times change is good. Most frequently change is necessary! Either way we’re so very glad to have you join us

    It Happens! And … We’re Back

Listen Live, Get In The Chat Room

Subscribe to the list and be among the first to know about upcoming guests. We are live every Tuesday at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific. You may listen in to the live broadcast at http://blogtalkradio.com/SMEDGE (NEW: The new show is only 30 minutes instead of the previous 1 hour. Co-hosts are Ken Cook and Mike Mueller.) If you […]

Guest Bill Risser of The Real Estate Sessions Podcast

Join Mike & Ken as we welcome Bill Risser, VP of Digital Strategy at Chicago Title and talk about podcasting. Imagine that; PODCASTING! Who does that anymore? Bill got interested in Podcasts a year ago and decided to start his own. In a stroke of genius he decided to choose the interview format to not […]

What Not To Tweet, Getting Hacked, Igloo Stay

Show Notes January 26, 2016 “I can’t believe you posted that!” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smedge/2016/01/26/flame-on-flame-off-social-response-can-burn-hotand-long MUKE: http://gawker.com/why-the-earth-is-flat-straight-from-the-mouth-of-a-ver-1754933801 https://medium.com/@espringe/amazon-s-customer-service-backdoor-be375b3428c4#.vcv1toqiz http://gizmodo.com/skype-finally-hides-your-ip-address-1754453126 http://thehackernews.com/2016/01/doorbell-hacking-wifi-pasword.html Mike’s friend Tomm Andie MacDowell ‏@AndieMacDowell3  Jan 24 Lessons learned never,complain on Twitter & don’t pay for first class on American Airlines, only express gratitude…can we move on now FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Judge Tosses Out Criminal Case In Canada […]

January 19, 2016: Jeff Belonger of MyPhillyAlive

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE (LIVE JAN 19 11AM Eastern/8AM Pacific) We have known Jeff, through social media, since around 2007 or so. His continued presence, growth, and excitement in the industry makes him the perfect “People’s Guest”. Jeff has earned his stripes by doing. He’s not a guru, he’s a doer. Today […]

Digital Housekeeping – Website and Social Marketing Chores; Show Notes January 12, 2016

Wow! @MikeMueller rocks! This is @theKenCook writing and I am grateful and appreciative of Mike for single-handedly putting together the notes, thoughts, and patterns for this weeks show. Hats off to you sir. January 12, 2016 Digital Housekeeping Things to do on your website and online presence. Website: Change your password Backup your website. backup […]

Squeeze Pages for Lead Generation – January 5, 2016

Show Notes LISTEN – Live at 11AM Eastern or Archived Any Time January 5, 2016 Squeeze Pages – what, why, where, when, and how WikiPedia – “In the field of direct marketing, the subscriber list is considered the most important part of a mailing campaign. Marketers devote a great deal of time and money to […]

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