Short Notes for December 29, 2015

Tracking social media posts all the way to the bank.


  • Custom URL builder
  • Custom reports in analytics
  • Conversion value and tracking to results page
  • Important to follow the link all the way through the tunnel
    • Which post did they click?
    • What keyword did they search?
    • Was it organic or paid?

On Locking Your Credit

Lock Your Own Credit FreezeWe constantly hear about data breaches that expose personally identifiable information (PII) on millions of us. Now it’s 191 million (that’s MOST of us) registered voters. Some months ago I posted a “How To Lock Your Own Credit” without paying a third party (or trusting yet another organization with your valuable data) a monthly fee. In fact in my own state it costs less than $20. Fee to lock and unlock vary by state but here’s the simple process: How To Lock Your Own Credit (Freeze Your Credit) on

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