Empower Online Success With These Simple Proven Tips

February 9, 2016


If you’re listening live don’t forget to get into the chatroom!

Let’s talk about POPUPS and PUSH notifications…we love to hate them but every serious study of the data speaks loudly in favor of them. I suppose we can add email DRIP campaigns, too. link

  • Apps that push notifications are opened 27% more often than apps that don’t
  • Click-through rate on in push is 28% average (TWENTY EIGHT!)
  • Apps with push retain 46% of users for at least three months (apps that don’t retain just 13%)

Instagram Officially Adds Support for Multiple Accounts link (This is big for me because I have multiple clients who use Instagram – no more logging out and logging back in)

Less engagement during this year’s SB50 as compared to last year link

WTH is SnapChat and how are businesses using it?

  • New product release
  • Special events
  • Highlighting milestones
  • Customer Support (yep)

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