Sunny Lenarduzzi – The Social Broadcaster

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I met Sunny on Twitter, then YouTube, then SnapChat, now on Social Media Edge. My guess is that while we’re on SMEDGE she’ll have several posts going out, and I’m not sure she sleeps. In fact, either she has 3 brains and 9 arms or she’s uber-natural. Prolific, constant, focused, and illustrative…yeah, those words work.

Here’s the cool thing: She’s actually “just” human. She believes in authentic communication–rings a bell, doesn’t it? Everything she does you can do. Here’s the really cool part: she even teaches how to do what she does. If you need that extra something to power you over the hill in your marketing or if you want to market yourself and monetize it–Sunny’s the go-to.

Are you ready for this?

I’m still learning about Sunny and trying to keep up with all the great info she’s creating but I need your help. Here’s just a little teaser to get you started:

…launched a self study course called Recording for Revenue to help brands use social video from Snapchat to YouTube to develop their business
…grew her youtube channel from 500 subscribers and 15,000 views to 21,500 subscribers and 1.3 million views in 9 months
…partnered with Hootsuite on a social media news series called Social Update
…hit 1 billion impressions in 1 day with Applebee’s Taste the Change campaign
…spoke to members of government from around the world on the power of using video to connect with the public at NATO’s social media summit in Belgium in September
…has the top ranking Snapchat tutorial on YouTube



  1. I will listen! Can I ask Sunny a question about video on the air please?

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